Monday, May 3, 2010

Dream On

So ... what exactly makes a boy pitch a hissy fit?

Here's my thought: if I am not going to pitch a hissy fit, then neither should he. Not gonna lie, it's pretty much unattractive when a guy I may or may not be thinking about dating acts more like a girl than I do. If I don't text him back, it's because I don't want to or because I just plain forgot to do so. If I don't drop all my plans to hang out with him, it's because I have a life and I'm way past the days where I thought I had to spend every spare and even un-spare moment with a boy to keep him. Or even when I thought I had to have a boyfriend if the opportunity presented itself.

Does anyone else think it is simply too, too freshman year when a guy quizzes my roommate about me at every opportunity? I know this whole post probably sounds conceited, but I'm frustrated and I'm sick of being guilted into hangouts. What is with the manipulation, boys? That is not only a girly thing to do, it's an absurd thing to do. Really? Really? Is guilting me into a date going to make you any happier?

So here's the moral of this post I'm probably going to regret: Act your age. In fact, maybe you should act a bit older. This doesn't mean you can't act goofy every once in a while, it just means you should learn how to date. Or at least, learn how to date women. Because let me tell you, fella, I'm not going to be caught dead with someone acting like a fool. It irritates the hell out of me. So there.

P.S. I LOVE MY ROOMMATE! She's awesome.


  1. You were SO close to making it through an entire blog post without swearing. Oh well...maybe next time.

    On behalf of my gender...I apologize for our stupidity.

  2. Ha ha, I can't help it. I think it might be a genetic disorder. Do you think if I volunteered to let scientists study me, they'd pay? They could name a disease after me ... Ashli's disease. Wait ... hang on. On second thought, maybe that's not a great idea.

    Your whole gender is not stupid. Just weird. And the boys about whom I was complaining were acting more like my gender than yours. :)