Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely

So have you ever read that list of things guys should know about girls? And have you ever noticed it just makes you more lonely when you read it? Especially if you're all alone in your apartment because your roommate is over at a boy's house (or rather, the house of two boys) and you're too afraid to go over because you may or may not have been stupid enough to cuddle with one of them during a movie. Uck. I think cuddling is something that can be done between friends, but apparently others don't feel the same way.

You know, I only really care about one person's interpretation of cuddling. And I really shouldn't. It's a lot easier to exist when you aren't pining. Not that I'm pining. I'm totally not. Right?

So, let me tell you a completely hypothetical story. Remember: completely hypothetical. I'm going to attempt to tap the hypothetical honesty in me. It might be kind of difficult, because I've just downed a large Dr. Pepper and I am definitely listening to the Backstreet Boys right now ... ha ha. Anyway, here goes:

I have a friend. This friend dated a boy for a few months and he broke up with her. You know that rule about not contacting an ex for like 60 days after the breakup? She totally kept it. (Aside--it's a good thing boy bands don't really exist anymore; these Backstreet Boys make me want to slash my wrists. Uck.) She kept it and eventually reconnected with her ex on a level that was totally platonic and not really awkward. But this hypothetical ex started acting like he was interested in her again. Granted, he is hypothetically a really flirty person, but he doesn't really hypothetically flirt the way he was flirting with her. It may or may not have reminded her of the way he would act when they were starting to date. Well anyway, the hypothetical ex began talking to her more often and seeing her more often and eventually they may or may not have cuddled during Pan's Labyrinth. Hypothetically, of course. And this is all after the ex hypothetically invited her to a church activity with him and basically hung out with her one-on-one all evening. He showed her music and taught her how to play the drums and took like a kadillion pics with her, even held her hand. Hypothetically.

So my advice to this friend would be to ignore him if at all possible. Be careful, because she just might get her heart shattered again. She needs to ignore her feelings for him, because that way they can't get any stronger and will hopefully fade into pure friendship. It's just going to get too, too complicated if she lets herself fall back in love with him. Her roommate has told me that this hypothetical ex is not good enough for her. But this friend is having a tough time tonight. Probably because she's a girl. Girls are like that.


  1. Hypothetically speaking...I have yet to meet a guy good enough for your hypothetical friend.

    Just saying...

  2. In reality, you are completely awesome!