Friday, December 3, 2010


It's my favorite time of year, tra-la-la! I love Christmas. Everything about it is simply magical. Since I was small, I've loved the sight of Christmas lights, the tingle of cold air on my cheeks, and walking outside when it's snowing. I think it's gotta be something about not having been born in Utah, because every natural-born Utahn I've ever met hates the snow. I, on the other hand, am more than happy with a long winter.

I had an evening to myself, a product of lady pains and lady painkillers that do NOT render me incapable, but I've promised my mother I won't drive with Soma in my system. So instead, I put my energy toward Christmas-fying my basement apartment. I decked the halls, I was jolly, and I was all alone, and it was great. You know those nights when you get to relax and get to know yourself better? Yeah, I had one of those. And it was WAY better than getting all sweaty and gross at some party that's really just a meat market for slutty Provo singles. It was also better than going on a date that most likely doesn't have a future because I'm stupid and particular. No, decorating, relaxing, and blogging while listening to an Irish-style instrumental of the Wassail Song is much, MUCH better. I may be unemployed (which sucks), but my life most definitely does NOT suck. In fact, my life rocks. I've been blessed; I don't think I deserve all I've gotten, but I sure am thankful for it!

P.S. I promise to upload the pix I took soon, but for right now my camera is dead. So be patient, my two followers; it's a virtue.